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JT & the SPAkids

Thursday, July 30, 2009
Tiffany was my second maternity shoot last week. She is pregnant with #4, just a few weeks from delivery, and still spunky as ever! She's never had maternity pictures before, so this was a special treat to do maternity/family pictures and show off their wonderful home! I'd taken some blocks along to try out a few interactive ideas using their initials, and it ended up being special for them because they use their initials around the house- for example their itunes station is "JT & the SPAkids" now, with the new one, it'll be "JT & the SPACkids."

P wants to grow up to be a "cooker" so he is feelin' at home here in the kitchen on his special stool.
Mom in the kitchen with her girls S, A, & soon to be C.

T & J. Who doesn't love a good cuddle?

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Christy said...

Great, great, great! How so very special! You do a fantastic job Nikki!