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Darin & Cathy

Monday, May 11, 2009
Never before during editing pictures have I seen such authenticity in the expressions of my client's faces as I did this morning! I know Darin and Cathy personally and countless times I thought about how as a photographer we strive to capture authentic moments and the real personality of the person we are photographing. I did it! I can hear Cathy's giggle. I can see the same face staring back at me that I see when I look up from the desk at the church to answer a question for Darin. I see the same smiles and deep love that I see evident in their marriage.

Does anyone else see the heart?

Cathy mentioned that their wedding portraits were mostly blurry, so this set is in honor of those taken long ago. I love these!

(and I don't think Cathy took a bad picture once. Even the couple I snapped with her eyes closed looked pretty good... it all goes to being Miss Rend Lake!)

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Anna said...

I can see the heart! Such a nice, simple picture that does capture something very special. Kind of like I know her or something.
I also love the one from behind. I love pictures from behind, one of my very favorite photos is a behind shot of Nate and me walking the streets of Memphis. One of these days I would love to have you shoot some family photos of us! Maybe toward the end of the summer for Isaac's 1st birthday!