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My best friend's wedding

Monday, May 4, 2009
My best friend from middle and high school got married this weekend. I simply couldn't get the waterworks stopped- I cried even during the family pictures. Sheesh. At least I managed to smile through my job as greeter. I kept my cool and only snapped a few, but thought I might go ahead and share. It's an odd collection, I must admit.

Please visit their photographer's website. www.atography.com Alea did a great job. In the KC area? Look her up!

Have you ever seen a cake like this? They win props for creativity (and delectab-ility).
I had a mild fascination with her lovely dress...

I know this isn't your typical bridal portrait, but I loved the expression on her face. I thought she was stunning.

Congratulations to these two, also dear dear friends, who are coming up on their second anniversary...
Flower girl
And most important and esteemed guest at the wedding...Olf. After all these years he needed his neck held up, but he made it.
Congratulations to Danica and Clint. We love you so much!

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Anna said...

While the bottom photo is gorgeous, the one earlier where she is looking off to her right is so amazing. It looks like a photo in a magazine. Absolutely beautiful!