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Saturday, November 21, 2009
Some dear friends had a little girl. They call her (at least in bloggy-world) L'Bug. She is a delightful little baby with the most captivating eyes. We had been planning this shoot for what seems like ages and had to wait until she had her three month ear-piercing.

The Mama & the Papa are amazing and it's an honor to have them as friends. I knew this would be a fabulous shoot as they not only have personalities with a "zing" but they have amazing style and are artsy to the max (meaning I got to have fun and know that it wouldn't be too weird). The amazing part is that although I did do a few extreme things with light and color, there were tons from this shoot that I kept straight out of the camera. No post-processing required here! I tried to narrow it down for this post, but as you'll see, I had a hard time!

You can check out the mama's work at Eclectically Home Grown. She's incredible. Buy some Christmas presents, pronto. I did. Or maybe new years... it's getting close to Christmas.

...asleep upon my arrival.

...but, woke up cheery!

I love this.

Back in high school, I almost always took indoor chairs outdoors for pictures. I liked the ordinary qualities of a park and a rocking chair, but the contrast that they bring to each other is striking. This concept is part of where the name Purple Lemon Photography comes from. It fit with the ideas that the Mama had for L'Bug's photoshoot.


Anonymous said...

How cute! I love L'Bug :) Good job Nikki! They're such a beautiful little family.

Anonymous said...

A good photo shoot can only be taken with a great photographer!!! you are wonderful yo! it was such a joy working with you - you made us feel so at ease :) thank you so much!!!!!