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All Squared Away

Monday, December 7, 2009
I was sent on a mission this past week to capture images of St. Louis that spurred their viewers to pray for our city, while showing vibrant color, hope, and creativity.  I was also asked to steer clear of iconic St. Louis locations.  It was a delightful challenge to get out and shoot like I used to.

Exploring with my husband and randomly shouting "STOP!" while hopping out of the car brought back so many memories.  But this time we got to do it with a babbling baby in the back.

This experience also got me to do some super location scouting, so if you are up for some new and exciting locations for your senior portraits, engagement session, or family sessions, let me know and we'll get something booked!

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Anna said...

What amazing photos! There was an old church behind the Fox and the Sheldon off of Vandeventer that I always thought would be a great place to take pictures. The roof was missing and all that was left was the frame. We drove by there the other day and I couldn't find it! I'm afraid they tore it down and I never got to take those photos.
I'm glad you caught some different views of our city!