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Fall Family

Thursday, October 29, 2015
One of the wonderful parts of my job is to help document families as they grow and change, following them from season to season.  This particular family I've know since I moved to St. Louis and have photographed them just as long. As we wrapped up this session Rachel mentioned a particularly hilarious photo I had taken of them at a friend's wedding several years ago which they had never seen. And it made me realize that I have scads of photos from years gone by of shared experiences and how valuable those photographs are of Brett with long hair and my son dressed in a coat that looks like a monkey in their apartment when we were neighbors (the 2nd or 3rd time). It's valuable to have photos of these big moments and small season changes from weddings to children and the fun moments in between. 

And this particular time together, it was extra special to be able to photograph Rachel's parents with them.  It was a difficult time on their wedding day when her parents were unable to make it to the wedding at the last minute due to weather and health.  But now we have some photos of them together with their grandchildren, and I hope these are special for many years.  

Today I'll share a few photos of their darling children. Here's J!

And little N, who just had her first birthday!

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jennyvstewart said...

Pretty sure I know that mysterious wedding picture that you speak of. I should send it to Rachel. I think I was supposed to send it to Rachel long ago :)