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Amanda & Cameron: An Orchard Wedding

Monday, September 15, 2014
Over Labor Day weekend, my cousin Amanda married Cameron, becoming an official family with their precious daughter, C.  It was a joy to see their excitement and the smiles on their faces as they wed at a retired Apple Orchard.
This is baby C. I think she is just the cutest little girl ever. Full of smiles and perfect chub, and I whisked her away for about an hour during the rehearsal dinner and took a walk so I could keep her. (Sorry if you didn't know where she was, Amanda. She was in good hands.)
 What I remember from my childhood days spent with Amanda was watching her dance. Always full of life and excitement and bit of showy flair.  So when I saw these pink and yellow faded chairs outside their reception, I knew she could rock it. And she did.
 I love this candid moment of Cameron with his two oldest daughters. So sweet.

And on to the reception, a tribute to Old Glory.
A benefit to having your wild-dancing son at the reception is that you can try out some fun experiments on the dance floor.
 Stars and stripes forever, Amanda and Cameron forever.
It also would be ignoring the elephant in the room if I failed to mention the yellow jacket attack of 2014. It apparently is the season for angry wasps, as friends far and wide have been sharing their tragic stories of stings. And we got one, too.  We assume Amanda's train stirred up some yellow jackets in their nest and decided it was war. So needless to say, wasps vs. wedding party and family  and the wasps won. But the groomsmen were heroic and used their bare hands to get wasps out of my hair...and pants.  I escaped with only three stings.  A veil makes a tremendous MacGyver-styled bee keepers hat. And I sure hope everyone, including Cameron's grandmother who got the worst of it, are recovered fully.