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CELEBRATEfamily: an adoption photo fundraiser

Thursday, October 3, 2013
Twice over the month of September, we opened our home for CELEBRATEfamily adoption photo fundraiser.  Several families came and had their photos taken, learned a bit more about our adoption process, hopefully had fun and chalked up our front entry.
It was so special for me to have a guest book made on our front steps.  We photographed it to keep it forever, as a gift to our future kid or kiddos to let them know of the various folks who are loving them even now!

Since we were aiming to have people think about actually CELEBRAT(ing)family,  we tried to do that ourselves. We asked Eli was his favorite part of family was. Here is his answer.
In case you can't read it, it says, "Thank you, Mom & Dad, that you let me spend time together with me, and play with me all day long sometimes."

This definitely isn't all the individuals and families who came, but I just grabbed a handful as a representation of what we did over the two Saturdays!
And to finish off the day, we learned that Grandma did some jump-roping back in her younger days, so we took the jump ropes off the front porch, and hit the ground jumping...
And apparently, Brian can defy gravity and jump sideways. :)
We also started a blog this week to document our adoption journey.  If you are interested in reading that, you can hop on over to http://ghana-love.blogspot.com/ and start reading.

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Anna said...

What a fun day it was! I'm so glad we were able to visit with you and learn about the upcoming adoption. And as always, your photos are just beautiful :)