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Lauren & Doug: Wedding

Thursday, September 26, 2013
One of the things I love about my job is getting to hear a couple's story- what they've experienced together, what draws them together, and what they love about one another.
One of my favorite little tidbits about Lauren and Doug is that their love spanned the oceans.  And if they'd had a tin-can telephone with a string that would reach from St. Louis to Australia, perhaps things might have been different (cheaper, at least).  As it were, their love grew about as fast as their international phone bill, bringing Doug back to American shores to marry the love of his life, Lauren.

Their wedding was so beautiful with sweet moments between family and friends, amazing details, and unique atmosphere! It was almost impossible to choose favorites to share, but seeing as I like a challenge, I am excited to share these!

 I loved this photo the second I took it.

One of the things that Doug described to me about Lauren was that in her character is such care and thoughtfulness.  They invited her students to the ceremony and enjoyed ice cream with them afterwards! This little one was so precious- clenching this card the whole time, just waiting for the perfect chance to give Lauren her wedding card. I bet she would agree with Doug. I loved it!
 No doubt, these next two are among my very favorites. :)
Their reception was at the Palladium, near Soulard, and what a venue! Loved it. Soulard venues are always amazing, or so it seems.
 And this is one of the most amazing cakes I've ever seen.
 We had some night photography planned, but a huge storm rolled through during the reception, but it didn't slow us down.  We just used the Palladium as our background, and I love it!