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Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Around the time that I started thinking about taking a few updated pictures of my own son, he recalled this photo shoot, and asked to recreate it. He wanted to wear the same shirt (quite small now, but still in the drawer) and take the same camera.  After some coaxing, we decided to take another broken vintage camera and wear a different outfit, but go for another photo shoot with just the two of us. Thankfully, he remembered that the first location was closed and we can never go back again (silly no trespassing signs...), and so we headed to a few places that I knew he'd love.  Train station & farm store.

While at the station, I did some photography experiments.  I felt like the set was having a vintage feel and the more I shot, the more I got to work in some effects.  In this first image, while Eli was adjusting the camera, I adjusted my own to make this diptych of him both out of and in focus. I just love it.
The camera itself lent itself well to being edited in a vintage style.
And most fun of all, and certainly the most experimental, a two camera approach!  I took the old Polaroid camera that Eli was pretend photographing with and placed it against the lens of my own. I messed around with focus and angle, loving the red line in the viewfinder of his and capturing both real life and "in camera" life at the same time. Shooting in a completely manual way while holding two cameras was a little tricky (especially while trying to make sure my pregnant belly was staying covered), but I love the effects.  Here are a few favorites.


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Anna said...

I love the effect of the two cameras! How creative. I also love that last one. You captured that look that is so typical of curious little boys.