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Tuesday, October 2, 2012
In many respects this engagement session was like many others.  Special locations, colors, and hoping for the cooler fall weather. And for me, the excitement of a "date for three" where I get a special glimpse at a couple for the first time- how they interact together, what they like to do together, and what makes them special.  Though occasionally prompted, I see natural moments of tenderness, respect, and great joy.

But... then there were some differences. When we begin the "location" part of the discussion, we look towards places that I have scouted that seem to fit the couple or towards special locations that have meaning.  This time, the discussion was started for me when Jessi told me we were going to go to a cemetery. I thought a combination of "What?!?" and "Yes!"   Weird confession: I used to have a strange obsession with taking creepy cemetery photos as a teenager, so this seemed right up my alley.  It became a little more normal when I learned what a lovely property it is and how he used to go walking here- and almost proposed there! What a story would that have been?
Throw in some early fall wind.   (Though as I look back on it, we blamed the wind for making Jessi's hair fly, but I think it was more of their continual laughter!  Head-tossing, hair-shifting laughter.)
Then add in another chapter of their story, which was far less of a photography challenge than I expected, to be quite honest.  Jessi and Jamie both use wheel chairs.  Though far different than what I experience on a daily basis being diabetic, we connected.  We've all gotten the comments of "Oh, I just couldn't do it [give a shot, check my blood sugar, get in and out of such-and-such in a chair]..." When really, you can. You just have to. There is no other choice, but non-existence.  Though I have to admit, their skills are pretty impressive!
I think this next one might be my favorite.  I keep thinking, "Killer!" and then think, "That's not something I would ever say in real life."
 And then the wind decides to cooperate quite nicely...
This is moment when we all had to laugh.  Here they are, all set up- chairs across the way, out of reach.  And I, quite round in my pregnant-ness, lay on the ground to "get the shot." They realized they didn't want me to get stuck, because then we'd all be stuck. :)  But isn't it worth it? Check out that awesome trellis!
Then we switched gears. We threw together this little scene (and by threw together, I mean my friend was great to watch our son while my husband was great and came to help me unload this full sized diner booth bench into the middle of their favorite park since with the aid of a passing-by stranger) that visually combines some of their favorite things.  Being outdoors, St. Louis restaurants, favorite park, and general lightheartedness and fun.
I'm looking forward to their wedding next spring!

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Casey said...

Fantastic job, Nikki! (And Jessi! And Jamie!) Amazing session! Totally worth laying on your in-utero son to get THE shot, am I right?! Eh? Eh?