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Nicole & Ryan

Thursday, May 31, 2012
Last Thursday I had the honor of photographing a small, intimate wedding- yes, on a Thursday.  Nicole and Ryan had a simple wedding planned that just took my breath away.  In a normal wedding day, I have anywhere from about eight to twelve hours with a wedding couple, but here I had just shy of one and a half  hours total.  During this short time, I saw more adoration, expectation, and genuine expressions of affection than I often see during a huge event.  It was so refreshing!

Located at the Conservatory in historic St. Charles, MO. 
 A little family love before they got to see each other...
 One of the sweetest "first looks" that I have ever photographed.  They both said they completely forgot I was there, and I got a great series of tender, beautiful expressions!  Here are the first few moments...

I love Ryan's expression here- this is the look he got in his eye when Grandma told him to "think about Nicole."

Just lovely!
 So sweet!
 I love this smile Ryan gave to Nicole as the ceremony began.
Such care in his eyes.

 Congratulations, Ryan & Nicole!


Anonymous said...

these are incredible, nikki!
we couldn't be any happier!
can't wait to order :D
thank you so much again for doing such a wonderful job. you made everything really easy for us and somehow calmed us down a lot too. we will definitely recommend our friends and family to you.
-Nicole and Ryan

Bferrusi@aol.com said...

I really appreciate the photographers candid comments on this wonderful couples expressions of love for each other. I absolutely loved the capture of the moment after the reading of vows which had everyone choked up...then our creative groom did his one-man act trying to find the rings....so funny it really caused us all to release all that pent up emotion. And it was captured by this amazing photographer. Just so wonderful a moment that will be indelibly impressed on our minds and hearts. Thank you for a wonderful memory.