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Unveling my Easter Basket

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
A little lunch-break post for my mom (and any other interested parties).  We've got tons of photos coming in the next few days and weeks, so stay tuned for the real thing.

I'm not big on holidays, in the modern celebration of them, I suppose.  I've never made an Easter basket before, but this year, to celebrate how much I love Jesus and how much he loves my family, I did.  It's hiding under this table cloth.

But herein lies the challenge.

I have a strong desire to only buy things that are needed, at the very least will be consumed or used- so trinket-y stuff doesn't really strike my fancy.  Then throw in that we try to eat healthy- though we do love our treats.  I am diabetic.  We want to only buy fair trade chocolate. Our friend who shares our home (who we consider family) dislikes fruity stuff (with the exception of a few things, like oranges).  I prefer to repurpose when I can.

So what was I going to put in my family Easter basket?

This stuff:

  • Some fair trade chocolate that apparently also saves some animals- like penguins and rhinos. 
  • Citrus flavored fruit snacks
  • White cheddar popcorn seasoning (we love popcorn 'round here!)
  • Finger puppet sewing kit for the little one and the costume designer
  • Three cookie cutters representing the apple of my eye (apple), my love (heart), and my star of a friend (star) for the little one and the manly cookie baker
  • Huckleberry Soda for my love
  • Lemmy Lemonade for my apple-boy
  • Root beer for me and my star
  • Fair Trade Shea/Vanilla/Citrus/Mint bubble bath
  • Re-purposed broken-toy-bubble-blowing-lawn-mower bubble wand
  • Vintage table cloth I already had but forgot
  • Thrifted box
My mom also wanted to see the shirt Eli wore, so I figured everyone could see. And my handsome husband. I am a little gushy about him. He's wonderful.