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Lauren & Joe

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lauren & Joe's wedding celebration was full of sweetness, simplicity, and tenderness. I just loved their wedding day. 

One of the themes of their wedding was community, and this wedding was a true example of tight community and what a small world we live in.  I had never met this couple before they headed my direction for photography, but by the end of my time with them I discovered that their lives, their friends lives, Casey (my second shooter's life), and mine are all crazy-intertwined.  They know several past brides, some bridesmaids knew other couples I'd photographed, Casey knew several people in the wedding party, one of the officiants has done other weddings I've photographed, and the craziest of all for me is that Lauren went to college and is friends with my best friend from elementary school in Indiana.  It kind of blows my mind a little bit.

Anyhow... we'll let the photos tell part of the story.

I love this moment just before their first look as he has his eyes closed and she is just giddy to see his face.

After this first location, which fit the soft, romantic feel of a spring morning, we took a little walk to a barber shop to mix things up a bit.
Some time for the two of them to be alone (with me, Casey, and the gardener at this spot)...

Washing one's feet is one of the most moving, powerful images to me of true servant love.  Exampled by my Lord, and interestingly enough in my modern life something I have been thrilled to see, dare I say often, in recent days.  I could see joy in Joe's love for Lauren, and extraordinary grace in Lauren's love for Joe as they washed each other's feet.  I had the benefit of being closer to that intimate moment than anyone else of the hundred's of people in the room. I saw their eyes, their honest expression, and I saw their love as they did that for one another.

I had just enough time to wipe the tears from my eyes before they moved across the stage to recieve prayer from those representing their communities, which as I mentioned before, is a vital part of their relationship. I should carry a handkerchief.
Congratulations, Lauren & Joe!

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Anonymous said...

The aura of love that is around the two of you is just moving. Your wedding was beautiful and I caught myself wanting to cry several times from happiness and the way your love moved me. Congratulations you two!