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Amy & Stephen's St. Patrick's Day Wedding

Thursday, March 22, 2012
Springtime comes with days that have sunshine one minute and thunderstorms the next, and Amy & Stephen's St. Patrick's Day wedding was one such day.  When I walked into their wedding venue, The Tower Grove Abbey, which is a really unique location, I was basking in sunshine.  An hour later, when the rain was gushing from the skies, I was so thankful for a great indoor location to shoot in!  Little nooks and crannies that matched their wedding colors perfectly.

Amy's flowers were stunning!

 What a charmer...
 And these girls- I couldn't have asked for more! That cute little nose crinkle makes me grin.
 Family crest and tartan on the pillow.
 Mere seconds before walking down the aisle.
As I mentioned before, their wedding was at the Tower Grove Abbey, which is actually a church converted into a theater; so for their ceremony shot here, I'm throwing in a "behind the scenes" view of the room.
 I can't get enough of this momma & son shot.
 Love this!
Quiet moment in a busy day.
 They each wore converse after the ceremony, so here's Amy showing hers off!

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I love our photos I can't wait to see the rest!!!!!