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Jen & Lester's New Year's Eve Wedding

Thursday, January 12, 2012
Jen & Lester got married on New Year's Eve- which gave me an awesome party to go to, rather than wondering what to do as a parent of a toddler on NYE. Thanks, guys!

This wedding had so many fun details, special moments, and hilarious expressions. Hold on tight, let's go!  We'll start with these awesome boots. Lester is a country boy, so Jen wore these boots as a surprise for him- and they are purple- which adds an extra dose of festivity! Jen symbolically had people walk her down the aisle by having people sign the soles of her special shoes. Isn't that awesome?
Jen and Lester were married at Webster University, where I was married- we're probably the only couples married there since film could be used to capture color.  It was special for me to be back in the same space where I said my vows five and half years ago. Anyhow, I saw this little patch of sunlight up in the balcony, so I grabbed this shot of Lester prior to the ceremony- I just love it!
Amazing firsts...
Dad seeing Jen.  (I also love that it says "financial aid" just behind his shoulder- little bit of wedding industry humor, I suppose)

Mom seeng Lester.
 Lester seeing Jen.
Jen coming down the aisle, perfectly bathed in sunlight.
This was awesome- Jen's grandmother sang the song that was sung at her mother's wedding.
 I got to see something I'd never seen at a ceremony before- before the ring ceremony, while Jen's brother Gabe sang well enough to make my heart almost stop, the rings were passed among the guests to pray for and think encouraging thoughts for the couple.
 She's going to steal your heart if you stare long enough...
Now things start to get a little more lively, the party starts here... I sometimes play this game with wedding parties, and it's hilarious.  I know you can't see all the little details of these, but I have zoomed in and studied them just because they are so funny!
The reception was located at Hendri's in South City- and let me say- it's one of my new favorite reception venues!
 Happy New Year!