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Jared & Kelly, an engagement experiment, of sorts...

Thursday, January 19, 2012
I think I met Jared his first week of college. I might have even moved his stuff into his dorm room for him. It was about two weeks after I got married. And now he's getting married, to Kelly. 

Jared and Kelly both have a creative side with interests in writing, and Kelly with photography, so they were all for a little bit of something different for their engagement session. But with experiments that will last a lifetime, it is always a good idea to go with something safe first, right?

We started at the park where Jared literally (ah, writing pun!) pursued Kelly by running after her, and after her, and after her while he made laps around the park.
But then we did something a little more daring, a little more edgy. They went back to Kelly's apartment for a movie and some brownies.  Perhaps not the most unusual date, but when you throw in a few giggles, some food fights, and some un-typical dramatic lighting, it was a little daring.

This one strikes me as a moment when the popcorn is suspended perfectly in the air, just as if their life exists with these kernels just floating around them all the time since they are just sitting there looking perfectly calm watching Star Trek...
 Brownie phase: We turned food bloggers- gotta have the ingredients, right? I also find a way to highlight the ring in most engagement sessions, and Kelly made it easy for me by showcasing it and her perfectly manicured nails on the edge of the bowl (while Jared showed off the bracelet that I've never seen him without).

Check out that egg yoke!
 Watch out!