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Renovations: Step 1

Friday, September 30, 2011
It's only been about 9 months in the making (sounds like a baby), but the office renovations I've been cooking up are finally underway.  Last winter I saw a photo and decided I was going to completely re-do our office to look like a picture I saw. Brian thought I was crazy. You might too, if you saw the photo (which you won't, for now).  However, I was very convincing that the renovation would completely embody my personal values and style.  Who can say no to that?

That led to months of searching for the right things. Like a collection of coffee tables and the right shade of purple paint, among other things.

And to my father-in-law purchasing a table saw to temporarily store at my house.

During my busiest season, logically, the renovations are officially underway.
And a rare look at the lady behind the camera (being silly, looking terrible, and wearing awesome protective goggles that I insisted I wear to protect the eyes that ensure a successful photography career). Did I mention that I have a not-so-secret love of power tools?


Casey said...

YES! I love that last picture! :) Can't wait to see the project done! It's gonna be amazing!

Anna said...

I love that last picture too. Can't wait to see the end result! What a fun project!