Purple Lemon Photography

Jen & Lester

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Many of the clients that I photograph have some kind of long-distance element, and I love to see how successful they are.  Brian and I spent about a year apart, too, while he lived in California and I was still in high school in Kansas (yes, we've been together that long), and I know that time can really shape your relationship.  Jen & Lester spent a lot of time in airports traveling back and forth from Missouri to Texas, so we headed to Lambert International Airport to photograph.  It was a really inspiring location, and I will probably head there again.  Lester loves architecture, so I enjoyed getting their location as a part of their images.

 I love how satisfied Lester looks after tickling Jen. Makes me laugh.
 And this makes me chuckle, too, just because this is completely candid- I did not tell them to look off into the distance, they were actually looking at something across the way, but I claim it adds some "Hollywood appeal." :)
Who doesn't love a good dance in the middle of a garden?