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Michelle & Nate

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
What a vivacious couple! To honor this full-of-life couple, I'll do a post in a new way. To show off some favorites, I'll show you what I thought as I looked through their set. These are the "mosts."

Most romantic. Sweet. Tender. Not to mention, she was breaking out her America's Next Top Model skills!
 Most favorite of the morning!
Most Karate-Chop-Action. Hilarious, right? I couldn't ask for a couple to do this, but you want natural, and unscripted? This is it. :)
 Most Cuddly-Scrumptious.
 Most girl-next-door, literally. :)
 Most indicative of how short I am. Not really... I was totally kneeling- I hope.