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Is Leo a Lion?

Saturday, April 2, 2011
I've heard of bear hugs, of course, but lion hugs? Sweet! This little guy, Leo, gave lion hugs! Roar!

I got to travel over to Collinsville for a little family/engagement session and get to know this family a little better.  We were on their grandparent's property, which not only is special, but it helped everyone be comfortable in their natural environment.  I love all the little moments I got to capture while we played a bit outside near their pond and fields.

Can't you just hear his little giggle?
I often have guys twirls their ladies about to get people moving, and most of the time the twirl itself isn't what I'm looking for, but the expression that comes right after.
 Love these expressions!
 Family fun...
 What momma doesn't love this?
And I love the dramatic, romantic feel of this set.