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Tuesday, December 28, 2010
I love looking at photo blogs and staying inspired for my craft.  Sometimes I spend more time perusing than others, and let me just say, I found an awesome one.

Green Wedding Shoes: http://greenweddingshoes.com/

They kind of stole my heart this evening (when I wasn't at small group, at which point the concept of God as a man kind of stole my heart and mind). So if you are planning a backyard wedding, a vintage inspired wedding, a homemade or DIY wedding in the STL area (or want to pay me to come to you), I'm your girl.  I think that a lot of my personal favorite-in-life things and deeply valued concepts shine through in a lot of these weddings.

Though not necessarily as awesome-looking as some of these weddings showcased on Green Wedding Shoes, my wedding was kind of like them.  Glimpse into my real life. Ready-set-go.

My wedding was/included:
I did the flowers, with help of a friend and my bridesmaids
We sort of made up the bridesmaid dresses look and my costume-designer best friend made the sashes I dreamt up
Two bridesmaids made the centerpeices
We got married and had our reception in locations that have never had weddings before, just because I daydreamed about it in college and they said, sure! How does $75 sound?
A detachable train
Foot washing
A girl usher
Friends played the music at the ceremony and different friends at the reception
Friend was the videographer, bosses were the photographers