Purple Lemon Photography

Nathan & Lauren

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Nathan and Lauren are a couple on the go- so when we tried to squeeze them in for a fall session, I thought perhaps I would have to glue some leaves back onto some trees for them.  However, God was gracious and has given St. Louis a delightfully long fall, extending the color and warmth far longer than I would have expected.  So to Nathan and Lauren's pleasant surprise, we not only had warm enough weather for them to get hot in their sweaters, but we had gorgeous color on the leaves!

We started with some classic, yet relaxed pictures near the Zoo at Forest Park.  Both of their charming smiles geared me up from the start.
But then I saw their compelling "serious face."  It is always exciting when people can pull of dramatic looks and deliriously happy ones (just wait for some upcoming wedding posts!! I had some bridal couples rockin' it!). Nice job!
Like I said before, they are a couple on the go.  It was time to step things up a notch and bring out the night life.  We were aiming for vivid color, excitement, entertainment, all while being natural.  How'd we do?