Purple Lemon Photography

Faces of Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
 She just stole my heart.  Yours?

Yesterday, I had the honor of photographing some incredible people. Men, women, and children who have been through more than I can imagine. Families who have moved to America, less to fill a dream, and more out of necessity.  I photographed people who are taking English classes at Oasis International, a ministry for refugees in St. Louis.  There are children smiling, like this precious little girl, who smile because their families moved here so they could leave fear, danger, war, persecution, or other trials that fill their home countries. Tough choices until you see their smiles.

It was no ordinary class picture day- but rather a Thanksgiving feast! I was reminded of the true thankfulness that many of them have, even with seemingly difficult lives here, in poverty, with little or no family, and language barriers.  Through a seemingly silly skit about the first thanksgiving, a room full of people erupted in elation.  Many celebrated and cheered when hearing the story of the pilgrims who, like themselves, came to America from every corner of the earth to find freedom.

A few fun tidbits:
1. If my ability to understand foreign languages mixed with accents and English are correct, the couple on the bottom row just got married and he finds her SO beautiful!
2. Outside of Bosnia, St. Louis has the highest Bosnian population in the world. Crazy, right?
3. I met several of these families back in August when I celebrated my anniversary with them, and I was so happy to see them again!