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Kate & Mike get married

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Earlier this year, I got to photograph Kate & Mike for their engagement.  It was a perfect prime for their wedding, as we went to a lot of similar locations that are very special to them.  Not many people get the opportunity to get mulitple sunset portraits taken on a rooftop (different rooftops, at that)! Check out that lens flare!

A few favorites from the day, in no particular order...
 Wedding and reception at the Moulin in Lafayette Park.
 a great moment captured by Chase!
Perhaps she just reminded me of my own mother, but this bridal mom's smile charmed me all night!
Wedding days are full of details and atmosphere- and this wedding had so many delightful tidbits, that I just had to squeeze in as many as I could. I took so many pictures of light hitting glasses and goblets that I had to stop myself.
check out these cufflinks!

and they lived happily ever after...

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Mike said...

Excellent, excellent work as always, Nikki! Can't wait to see the rest.