Purple Lemon Photography

Dancing in the Streets

Friday, August 27, 2010
St. Louis has an event called Dancing in the Streets, and it's probably coming up.  And this dancer is often a dancer in that.  But this isn't that. This is real dancing in the streets. And in my makeshift studio. Which, I have to say, worked out pretty well indeed!

Jergens commercial? We think so...
Some other commercial?
Super-hero Janele. Watch out! The bad guys are coming!


Christy said...

So nice! I seriously wish we lived closer - I'd love to have you do our family photos!

Janele said...

AH! Nikki, you made me feel so comfortable, which, I think, contributed to making this a successful photo shoot. Thank you for being so easy to work with and so encouraging during this somewhat vulnerable experience. I just love you!

Casey said...

So awesome! Janele + Nikki = FANTASTIC! Great, beautiful work, ladies!!!