Purple Lemon Photography

What is a Ruana?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Though photographically simple, I did a very exciting shoot a week or two ago.  Partners for Just Trade had me photograph a few products for them again, but this time, it's going big time!  They are expanding their sales to overstock.com's fair trade section called Worldstock. So that means by the end of this week, I'll have pictures on a major website--even if just a few small products.  It makes me a little bit giddy!

I have a big thanks to give to a client and new friend who was willing to model for me. She did a great job! Thanks, A!
Getting back to my title... This, you see, is a ruana.  It's a shaped shawl, great for the upcoming winter and fall seasons.  Just imagine yourself walking through Forest Park with your kids (maybe having a family portrait session), wrapped up to keep out the crisp fall chill in the air.  Or you are out picking apples wearing your ruana.  Or perhaps you are curled up by the fireplace, wrapped up in this super-soft ruana. 

I'm pretty terrible at sales, but looks like I could sell a ruana any day- even in the heat of summer!