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A new home, part 2

Saturday, April 3, 2010
Where did we end up?  Right here, at 8703 David Ave, St. John MO 63114

We are incredibly thankful for the home that the Lord has provided for us.  Our last house, though provided us shelter at a reasonable cost, was difficult to call home.  We rented an old house that was literally falling apart.  We are so blessed to have moved a short distance away to a great new house that we couldn't be happier about.

I decided a few weeks back to blog in compare and contrasting style to introduce you to our new home.

Rules of the game: On the left is the old and bad version.  On the right is the new and good version.  Unless otherwise noted that the entire grouping is old or new. I'm only showing snippets, so you'll have to come visit.

Nasty front door meet hospitality at its best
I recognize that all but one person that I've ever met prefers a dishwasher to a dish rack, but let me tell you, I am so terrible at dishes that for the safety of my family, let's be glad we got to make the switch!
Gross floors, amazing floors. No stilettos, please. I read all about how to take care of them.
stairs to the basement. often refused due to the ladder-like state, now a joy to descend.
required to move our car twice a day, now, a driveway and a cozy garage.
our son didn't have a door to his room, which was attached to our bathroom, just a green curtain.  check it out, y'all.  simple pleasures. a door.
What was outside my old house...
Compared with the new...

A little more house.
And finally, a glimpse of my new office!  Come meet with me in my new space anytime.  So crisp, white, and clean.  With pops of purple, green, and if the highlighter sitting on my desk counts- yellow.
Come sit on my comfy sofa while we talk about wedding packages and you flip through my sample albums.


Anna said...

Simply gorgeous. I can't wait to come by and see it with all of your things in there! Maybe Wednesday???

Mary Lynn said...

We're so happy for you, Brian & Eli to be settling into your new home. Can't wait to "see" it with our eyes - not just the computer! Mom & Dad