Purple Lemon Photography

Golashes, Lollipops, and Sun(ee) on a Cloudy Day

Monday, January 25, 2010
We knew it was going to rain, but rain it did not.  I thought it would be warm-ish, but rather... it was frigid.  At least it was Sunee!  Well, it was tragically cloudy, but a precious, one-week-shy-of-her-big-second-birthday girl named Sunee was having her pictures taken. In golashes. With a raincoat. And a matching lollipop!  Which... led to a matching tongue. And lips. And teeth.

Following our cold adventure, we came inside for some pretty "princess" pictures in a nice pink dress. Every little girl wants that, right?  Well, not Saturday. She decided that body-slamming and shovels were more up her alley, so we might have to revisit that idea another day.

But what's even better than shovels? PAINT!

After her tongue returned from blue to pink, she was hard at work- tongue and all.


Anonymous said...

nikki, I love them so far! you did such a great job. i can't wait to see the rest.

Anna said...

She is just precious. You definitely captured her obviously fun little girly side!