Purple Lemon Photography

Whitney & Mike

Monday, January 11, 2010
Today was cold. Do you know what is best in the cold?  Cuddling and hot chocolate!  Whitney & Mike braced themselves (literally) for the cold as we had their engagement session.  Though we tried to sick to the sunshine and cozy coffee shop, it was still a perfect opportunity for them to snuggle up and stick close for warmth.

I love the honest expressions I caught from them, gazes of true love.

One of my husband's favorites:
After a lesson on the difference between "angry face" and a compelling "serious face."  They aced my class.
I cannot stop looking at this one.  It makes me want to sigh.
It was an honor, once again, to photograph a couple headed into ministry together.  Seems as though this might be the trend for 2010.