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Annette & Dan

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
This past Saturday, Chase and I were back at it again shooting Annette & Dan's wedding. I knew from the moment that they told me some of the specs of their wedding that it would be full of great details and surprises! I was right... A ring-bearer in bright red Chuck Taylor's, bridesmaids with awesome netting and big pearl necklaces that reminded me of Wilma Flintsone- which amused me because we took pictures at their favorite local hang-out- Barney's bar, next to Bam-Bam's deli... Marylin Monroe dresses, a fedora for the groom, ostrich feathers, and custom made bowling shirts for the fellas. What personality!

And as I was just telling the bride in a email this morning, she has a killer smile! It's amazing and quite infectious. Here are a handful of my favorites from the day.

My husband and I love this one!

An example of that smile I was telling you about.

I captured so many with expressions of tenderness that it was hard to choose just one.

Here we are at Barney's for some unique, moody pictures. Dan plays darts with these guys each week, so it was fun to watch them play. Chase and I, on the other hand, couldn't even get them to stick in the board without help. Yikes!

They asked for some retro styled pictures, so I had fun editing some of their reception pictures to match this style.