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Birthday Pictures, Part 2

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Today, I finished up the birthday pictures from the rain-out of the weekend. We had high hopes of taking pictures in our neighborhood (these are some of my neighbors), and I'd scoped out this awesome fence at a daycare down the road from our homes. I'd contacted the daycare in person and on the phone to ask the owner about taking pictures on the property since it's near kids. I never heard back so we were nervous... but our hopes were not dashed. They weren't sure why were camping out in their "front yard," but they let us stay. And we got some super cute shots!

I wasn't intentionally taking matching mommy and daddy shots, since these were at opposite ends of the shoot, but I love how similar they are.


Anna said...

They turned out so good! I love, love, love the one with my 2 boys...they look so handsome! You are so talented!

Anonymous said...

These are AWESOME!!! Way to go! (this is Anrazel's sis by the way :) )