Purple Lemon Photography

One day, my prints will come!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
One day my prin(ts)(ce) will come (to Crave Coffee House)! And all my dreams will come true...

You know when you have thoughts like "wouldn't it be fun if..." or "one day, maybe i'll get to..." or "do you think I'll ever get to..." ? I had one like that about having my photographs in a gallery (other than the one at my high school) and then later, more specifically, about having them in The Crave Coffeehouse. Today, that dream came true.

Please support a wonderful coffeeshop on the campus of St. Louis University and Purple Lemon Photography by paying a visit during the months of July and August to see some of my still life and landscape photography that is on display (and for sale!). Be sure to tip your barista's well, as several of my friends work there.

In progress. Too far away, so you have to go see them in person.

My little boy "helping" organize the canvases.
(he's not wearing lipstick. i promise.) (have i used enough parenthetical markings yet?)