Purple Lemon Photography

New Website

Tuesday, June 30, 2009
After 4 months of being "almost there" we're there. Almost.

Our main website has been launched! Please visit us at www.purplelemonphotography.com to learn about our pricing, packages, see galleries galore, and read about who we are as a company.

The "almost" is that we have some fun things to add in the coming weeks to make it a more visually-enticing experience, so check back often.

A huge thank you to my software devloper husband who has spent countless evenings (and late nights) over the last many months making this website for me, scratching the plans when I changed my mind about what I wanted, and still having fun doing it, even after developing websites all day long at work. Only bad thing, now that it's done: he has to go to Toastmasters. That was the deal. He'd put off toastmasters until the website was done. Thursday- you masters of toast, watch out! Here comes my hubby. Maybe you could all give him a toast for doing such a great job!

The boys, working on the website. This was a few months ago, back when those delightful jammies still fit.