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First Road Trip

Thursday, April 16, 2009
What mom can resist taking pictures on her first kiddo's first trip? I couldn't... So we took a picture at each place we went...

with great grandma
learning about third grade in grandma's classroom on pajama day

hanging out at grandma's house
at nana's school on her last day of work!
hanging out at nana's house for the ONLY time he ever will
saying goodbye to nana's house the weekend before she and grandpa moved.on his first date with the littlest miss Peres. old couple telling stories?

at a bridal luncheon. no need for the funky editing, but i loved the way it made the flowers look on the table... definitely the highlight. :)
Next week anyone who follows my blog will get to see a new topic. The little guy has been stealing the show for a while now.