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Personal Project- Classically Quirky

Thursday, March 15, 2018
When I was in high school, one of the projects we had to do in our photography class was to emulate the photography style of a famous photographer. I don't recall if I was assigned or got to choose my subject, but I was to draw my inspiration from Rodney Smith. Immediately, I was drawn in by his work and have loved it ever since.

Some of those prints from high school are even on display today in my basement, some 15 years or so later.

Marked by quirks and whimsy, his portraits of classy, beautiful, striking women and dapper gentleman attract me every time I see them.

A few years ago, there was a new book put out of Rodney Smith's work, and Brian got it for me for Christmas. Perhaps it is my favorite gift of all time. I decided as I gingerly turned the pages and soaked it in, that I'd try emulating his work again.

I had a number of things in mind, and a few years of adoption paperwork, massive personal haircuts, and children to tote along later, it wasn't exactly what was in my mind's eye originally, but such a wonderful experience for me nonetheless.

My husband, Brian, good sport that he is, became my subject and I photographed him.  I wanted our kids to see what it is that I do and how I think when I am being creative and creating art, so they came along, and a friend came to help me help them. We were kind of a sight...

 We wrapped up our photo session with a portrait of us both together.