Purple Lemon Photography

Personal Project: Road Trip

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
The last few years, I have had the intention of completing a number of personal photography projects, especially while I have been working less and mothering more.  But most of them sat unfinished, or even stuck in my brain, un-photographed.  As we begin the push to get me behind the camera more again this year as Silas starts preschool, and all three boys will have some time away from me, I am really wanting to work through a number of personal projects I have mulling around in my brain.  Not only is it so good for my soul to express the creativity that God has instilled deep in me, but it also makes me a better photographer for my wedding photography and other portrait clients.

They might not all fit my normal brand or style. They might not be polished, but they they at least have purpose.  For the style of portraiture and wedding coverage I provide, I prefer to travel light, and simply.  I purposefully don't use huge cameras or lenses or lighting setups so people are comfortable with me and are less intimidated.

I also provide myself with many mini-assignments in my day to day life.  Can I make this seemingly poorly lit, ugly location into a worthwhile setting for a photograph? Can I light this photo for a text to my mom in a better way? Can I take this normal thing and make it seem amazing? What story can I tell?

This series came at a time like that. I was on my way to Texas, a passenger in a dirty van, full of tiny tots and their snacks. I allowed myself only my phone and only the basic editing capabilities that I have on there.  What kind of art could I create using the light, texture, and patterns available to me?

 How does editing change the way we see a scene?
 Can I create a compelling self-portrait?