Purple Lemon Photography

The Development of a Superhero

Saturday, December 10, 2016
When I was in college, I had a class project of some kind, in which I created a series of story-telling photographs to show a young girl on the quest to become a superhero.  She is clever and resourceful, and works hard to accomplish her task. 

Probably about 12 years ago I asked her mom if she could be my model, and probably as soon as I got her, "Yes!", I swung by and picked her up in my giant green, rusted, '92 Ford Explorer.  She must have been so brave, as any good superhero is. We barely knew each other, and I knew nothing about kids or carseats. She probably didn't even know my name. 

Today that little girl turns sixteen years old and we still love their family dearly.  I am consistently amazed at the poised, kind, and well-mannered young woman she is becoming. She is still brave, strong, and as the big sister to four siblings, she is surely a hero to each of them. 

Happy Sixteenth Birthday, S!

These were photographed on film; I developed and printed these 8x10s in the darkroom.