Purple Lemon Photography

This Season: A new kind of photography session

Thursday, May 1, 2014
We have created a new kind of photography session. Beyond a simple mini session of your relationships, we have something a little more...you.

A showcase of the season of life you are in this year.

In our family, the seasons are huge. We love nature. And we love food. We eat what is in season each year, and over time our tastes change and our activities change. Whether it's food or life, it's the same idea. I'd love to let you keep a glimpse into your own life during this season.

I'll spend a morning, afternoon, or evening with your family (large or small, young or old) and capture the reality you are in right now.

If that is bedhead, jammies and banana pancakes on a Saturday morning, awesome. Or if it's headed out for ice cream and a walk through the park. If it's sailing the toy boats at Lafayette Square. Or playing out in the backyard. Or cooking dinner together. Changing diapers. Reading books on the couch. Hiking through the woods.

Or maybe, like us, you enjoy a little picnic with laughs
some peanut butter and jelly
and a nice crisp apple or two.

Whatever it is, it's in season right now.

Savor it now before the season is through.