Purple Lemon Photography


Tuesday, April 1, 2014
We have been working hard this winter to get some updates finished up for the next couple of shooting seasons.  If you don't know, we are adopting from Ghana and know that at some unknown point in time, I'll be taking some time off. So we wanted to get all things squared away before that happens to keep us running well during that next maternity leave.

One of the things that stood out to us as we evaluated every single aspect of what we do, was that our packaging didn't necessarily line up with our personal values and our brand.  In order to make our product line and packaging do that, we changed bits and pieces to use recycled products, minimize paper consumption, continue to reuse what we can (for example, we reuse cardboard packaging from our printing company and pass it on to you to keep your prints safe in transport), and buy from the USA to maximize our chances of working with a clean and transparent supply chain.  We aren't down with unfair working conditions, so we improved our purchases.

In an industry with amazing packaging and the primary product called "prints", it's tricky to minimize paper.  So do you want to know what we did?

We're going to use a stamp!  I'm super excited.  Not sure where I am going to get a ginormous ink pad in the color I need, but I've got some ideas...Seriously, guys, this stamp is four inches across!
Keep checking in to see some of our other changes over the next few months.