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Jessica & Lonny: A Wedding in STL

Saturday, April 26, 2014
Every time I mentioned that I was photographing a couple who was in town from Vegas, I chuckled.  Many people leave their hometown to go to Las Vegas for their wedding.  Jessica and Lonny left Las Vegas to come back to Saint Louis for their wedding.

As I mentioned in their engagement post, these two were so full of laughs and excitement.  And their family and wedding party had lots and lots of kids, so it was also full of endless sweet kid moments. 
I cannot get over how adorable these girl's faces are.  What you can't see, just out of frame is a boy.  Now I have no idea if he is cousin, a brother, or a new friend, but these faces they made as they looked at him are just too sweet.
Seeing his daughter in her gown for the first time. 
And I was temped to show this as the first preview from the wedding- even though it is more of an "outtake"- I love this interaction between Lonny and his mom!

I love Lonny's son on the right edge of this photo, who just inched his way into the frame, smiling at the cake cutting.
Can you get any sweeter than this?
Congratulations, Jessica and Lonny!