Purple Lemon Photography

Carnival, Fairytale Engagement

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Last weekend, I got the chance to do a last minute photo session of Reannon and Seth at a carnival! It was a great chance to shoot at night, stretch myself as a photographer, and take an idea in my head (and Reannon's) and bring it to life.

Since Reannon was dressed as a modern Snow White, I threw a few into a technicolor style, reminiscent of the film's older coloring.
This photograph, as I created had feeling and intention, even though it seems rather chaotic.  Though at first I had a hard time placing words to it, after some help, I realized it shows the whirlwind, fairy tale romance that Seth and Reannon have.  Like these carnival rides, it's fast, exciting, bright; and I dare say love can be dizzying.