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Scott & Sarah's Lodge at Grant's Trail Wedding

Friday, August 9, 2013
Meet my friend Sarah.  She's really great, and smiles so beautifully, even at her rehearsal, that I just can't cut this photo out. Her dad is still in the shadows of the hallway, and out she comes, radiant and beaming. 
We'll start this tale at her parent's home, where she and her new husband, Scott, have spent much time, especially in the garden, carefully tended by her dad, which is also where Scott proposed.
 and also where Sarah would go
 to see Scott for their first look on their wedding day.
Sarah handcrafted all the flowers for their wedding out of paper, which is so awesome.  I've never gotten to see a bride pin the boutineer on the groom before, but here it was, and she was so happy to see the way it all came together!
Their wedding venue was The Lodge at Grant's Trail, which is a small, unique venue with lots of wildlife decor and other fun little quirks popping up in every corner. They will be visiting us throughout the rest of this post.

 A little intrigue, with a style reminiscent of Bewitched and I Dream of Genie.

The bridal party was really into their part here- being in the Abe Lincoln Room, and all- very presidential.

Now this next little surprise for the couple took a slightly different spin that I expected, but it still makes me chuckle.  Intended as Star Wars tribute of sorts, it appears more as baseball meets Mickey Mouse. Great job, guys!
 Continuing with some chuckles... It's always great when the family pictures take a light-hearted turn and the groom's dad tries to smooch his own bride by surprise...
which leads to the bride's mom getting all giggly, too.
and then everyone's cracking up!
Watch out for the critters!
 Still laughing!