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Caleb & Elise

Thursday, June 6, 2013
A few weeks ago, Caleb and Elise were blessed with a gorgeous day to accompany their bright, peacock themed wedding.

It was an elegant, yet simple day which they enjoyed with their family and dear friends.

I loved that when I went to grab a few shots of Caleb before the ceremony began, hoping for something real, candid, and him just being him, I found him standing quietly behind stage in the dark with his dad, who was officiating the ceremony.
I love Elise's expression as she listens to the speech by her twin sister, Nikki. (Gotta love her name, you know...Both of our parents must have had good taste. I also had a dear friend, Elise, when I was a young girl. Nikki & Elise's sure make a good combo.)
 And then Caleb's expression to his Best Man's speech is priceless!
 Off for some portraits.
 Incredible veil action here up on Art Hill. I was hoping for some subtle clouds and a breeze. We got both!
And I have one more surprise picture for Caleb (I know, Caleb, you are so excited for it, right?), but I am waiting to get permission to use part of it first.  So this post might get an addendum in a week or two.