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Wedding: Nicolle & Matt

Thursday, May 2, 2013
Nicolle and Matt's wedding day was just what I expected it to be after having spent a great engagement session just a few weeks prior- simple, beautiful, bright, and full of laughter.

I normally do not blog the rehearsal, but this moment was so hilarious, I just had to throw it in the mix. Here they were all discussing how much more lively the wedding would be if they entered with glitter bombs and Kanye West.  I so agree...

 First look.

As I studied this photograph, I just began to fall in love with it.  You can see Nicolle's adoring mom, her sister and grandparents just showing so much joy, and even their pastor looking on with such a tender expression.
 First moment married!
 I feel like these have a very fairy-tale-esque quality to them.
 I love that these next two photos show Matt mindlessly spinning that new shiny wedding ring.