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Introducing Levi

Thursday, January 17, 2013
As you may or may not know, I am on maternity leave.  We just had our second son almost a month ago, so before he gets to be that grand ol' age of one month, I wanted to share a few photos to introduce him.

(We'll start with a few from before we left the hospital.)

I'm pleased to introduce you to Levi Cardiff Dukes.

 I simply love this photo. Even though my littlest is wailing.
 Headed home...

Ten days old.

Spoiler alert: my preggo-belly gets big. Like really, really big. Like people ask if I'm having twins on a semi-frequent basis big. And no, I didn't, but I do have big babies and they get crammed in my five-foot-two-frame. If that freaks you out, stop scrolling and doing that fun two-finger trackpad swipe on your laptop.

Also, having two boys born 2 days apart makes for great ease in comparing the experience.  For example, I could think: "With Eli, I did this, that, or the other on such and such a day..." and then I could know what to expect or how to compare what each experience was like.  So, since my wardrobe was essentially the same, I made sure to get a photo taken of me the day before I had Levi in the same shirt in front of the same Christmas tree.  Behold, my giant belly.

1 Comment:

Anna said...

Welcome, Levi! I just love all of the photos. I also especially love the one with him crying. Daddy looks so calm and unphased by his cries, just as it should be for a daddy who has done this before :)

You look simply amazing in both pictures. Just you and your sweet boys. I can't wait to meet Levi and see Eli as a big brother.