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Jared & Kelly's New Town Wedding

Thursday, July 19, 2012
After photographing Jared & Kelly's engagement session in January, we braved the 110 degree heat in July for their wedding day.  It's a good thing I love these two so much... :) But in all reality, I've known these two for several years and was happy to document their special day.  And it was even more special for me because my family got to join me, as well as several friends from church. What a fun celebration!

 Jared: So, guys, was that kiss pretty good or what?

Gotta love some surprise-grammy-love!
 While setting up a group photo, they all entered into this moment, and I just love the real expressions here!
 One of my favorites from the whole day...
The guys all look great here, hanging out in the mail room... Because who doesn't want to spend the afternoon in the mail room on their wedding day?
 Kelly got super sassy here, and I just ate it up!
 Both classic Jared faces...

 This is a little (hysterical) preview of this couple's wedding next summer.
 Rock out, Jess.
 That's right, go team!