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Whoooo's taking our photograph?

Saturday, January 7, 2012
"Oh, I see... it was just you, " says Charlotte. "Keep dreaming, Sophia."

A few weeks back, I got to see these darling twin girls at the hospital. On their one month birthday, Casey and I headed over to the girl's house to work some magic.  By the time we left, we'd gained the name of the "Baby Whisperers"- if only these techniques had worked on my baby, I'd have had a sleepy, happy baby all the time.  Though so unique to be twins, each baby is also unique, so we did some together and some apart. 

Enjoy a little peek!
 We kind of squealed when they did this...
 One fun thing about two photographers for twins is the same moment caught at two angles.
 This cuddly one might just be my favorite. I can't decide.
 Casey got this actual candid moment while we were setting up in the next room.
Congratulations on your new baby girls!