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Nicole & Jonathan, two lovebirds

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Note: Please read this one- yes, it's full of stunning photographs of stunning people, but I had a special challenge given to me this wedding day, and I'd like to know if I met it). 

This wedding was full of rare, unique, and wonderful tidbits, and I loved every one of those little bits. It's a rare rehearsal when I am meeting the bride and groom for the first time (in real life)- at least I have video chatting. :) Thankfully each time that has happened, I feel like I have been perfectly matched with a great couple who by the end of the day feel like great friends- maybe the kind that I would have been invited to their wedding had it been a few years later.
I absolutely loved the sincere love that shone through on this brilliantly sunny Saturday.  It was a simple, natural theme that trickled through in every bit.  I even loved how their subtle colors (light blue and a mauve or dusty pink) came through in everything from the coloring of the December sky with her sweater to the sunset I photographed on the long drive back to St. Louis.

One of the things that I noticed as I went through Nicole and Jonathan's images, is that these two love birds, did so many things in sync with each other. Here are a couple. Getting ready:

Just moments apart:

Just moments before seeing each other in the spot where they met.

 I love the textures and little details in this one, like the edge of the chair and the striations on the floor.
Here, her dad watches intently as they prepare to walk down the aisle. 

and she waits, eagerly and excitedly...
Ceremonies make me cry, make me thankful (not just for autofocus for when I am crying), and make me deeply aware of the way Christ lets a bride represent his church.  And as I was listening to Jonathan's dad give the message prior to their vows, he challenged them, and it made me take my breath - he challenged me, too.  He didn't know it necessarily, but he said that as they look back on their wedding photographs, he wanted them to be able to see Christ in it- in them- part of a trio that would last their lifetimes. What a reminder for me! I strive to show people as God sees them and to show their personalities, but to be stopped dead in my tracks and to be called to display Christ standing with these two on their wedding day was a big deal. 

I thought all during the day about what that meant.  I mentioned before that I barely know these two- but I knew they had Christ- I could see joy, deep love and affection, natural simplicity, humble responses in everything, servanthood- even at their own reception (I forgot my coat and she was right there helping me make sure I got it back), and right priorities.

 I love this image of her parents- I think I have one just like it from my wedding day.
 This birdseed showered on the two lovebirds heads made for a whole set of awesome photos! It was so hard to pick just one.
 Running again. I couldn't resist- it's just so cute!
Their reception was the kind that wedding bloggers blog about, and so I'll have to do my best to incorporate their incredible details without it taking over the rest of this post...

Note the following awesome things: felt birds, bird cages, individual pink layer cakes (which tasted amazing, even way after they should have still tasted good), trail mix bar, thumb print tree, discs of tree)



Nicole Cox said...

A-mazing! Nikki, the photos look great. Jonathan and I love them. Can't wait to see the rest. :)

Jonathan Cox said...

Nice work. Can't wait to see the full set. Thanks Nikki!

john said...

Beautifully captured the day Nikki! Thank you! John Cox

Jennifer Molina said...

Beautiful! love all of them!!

Rachel Newcomb said...

They look great! Can't wait to see the rest! You really captured the day perfectly :)