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Mindy and Tim: Wedding

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Mindy and Tim took me to New Town in St. Charles for the last time this season, for a great close to that aspect of my wedding season, though I still have three more weddings before the end of the year.  I always love the simplicity of weddings there and how it lets real moments and lively expression shine through.  It seems to always reflect some aspect of the couples that I photograph there.  It was definitely true this time.

Mindy has one of the best smiles I've ever seen, and I honestly took far longer than normal weeding through their images trying to pick out just the right ones for their slideshow and to post here, just because she looks so awesome in almost every picture!

 During the reception, Mindy's father told the story of when Tim asked to marry Mindy he said explained how much he loved Mindy's parents and wanted to be in their family.  Every moment I spent with her family, I could see exactly what he was talking about- even Casey, who was shooting with me that day, said she wanted to be in their family, too.  This series shows the first moments when her dad saw Mindy. I wish I had a transcript of those moments, too, because he simply doted on his daughter with such love!

The kids at this wedding were to die for! So cute, expressive, and perfectly photogenic without even trying.  I absolutely LOVE this photograph of the flower girl.

I've been enjoying this unusual angle at the ceremony lately because you can really feel the fullness of the support for their marriage with the crowd included in the image.
 Casey got great motion in this "exciting exit"- with bubbles and surprise bird seed.
 Their wedding day was super windy, so when we weren't competing with it, it made for some great photographs with her veil.
 I am so drawn to this photograph of her mom laughing!
 This couple won the anniversary dance, and I just fell in love with them!